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Volume has gravity, and the market has a memory. See each bar's volume profile simply and clearly. Look inside the bar to see where the action happened, and detect the important price levels. Download free for NinjaTrader7, NinjaTrader8

New update July 2018: Lite Graphics mode!

NinjaTrader chart volume profile

Connect to a data source when using TC_BarProfiler.

TC_BarProfiler gathers information about the price levels that trades occurred, and their volumes, inside a bar. You see a display that represents the trading action in-depth. The bars are wide where there is lots of volume, and narrow where there is little volume. Each bar is wider or narrower to show this bar's total volume compared to recent average volume. It is easy to pick out the important bars, with lots of volume, and find price action patterns of significance.

Here's a quick video made by one of our trading buddies to show you what you can do with it - there's a great trading technique you can learn too!

TC_BarProfiler will show you:

  • Volume Profile - each price level's volume compared to its neighbours

  • Value Area - the price levels inside the bar where 70% of the volume occurred

  • POC - the Point Of Control, which is the price level with the most volume

  • POC Line - a line joining the POC levels to quickly grasp market direction

  • POC Average Line - a moving average of the POC prices

  • Open and Close, as red (down-close) or green (up-close) price levels

Volume price level trading chart stocks

Take a look at the chart below, at Apple (AAPL) with daily bars. See how much more information you get in the TC_BarProfiler chart compared to a regular chart.

NinjaTrader AAPL chart candlestick

TC_BarProfiler can load Tick data in the background of the chart, to gather information from every trade that occurred. Alternately, if Tick data is not available or the timeframe of the chart is high enough that using Tick granularity isn't worthwhile, TC_BarProfiler can use Minute data. and average the volume of that minute across the price levels it traded in. This is how even large timeframes like daily and weekly can be seen in bar-by-bar volume profile. TC_BarProfiler will automatically use Minute data for timeframes of Day or higher.

TC_BarProfiler works identically on both historical and realtime bars.

Volume profile that is not simple

The idea with TC_BarProfiler is to keep volume profiling simple. Get at a glance the relationships inside the bar and with neighbouring bars. You don't have to stare at grids of numbers and be a mathematics savant to figure out what's happening.

At right is a screenshot of a different volume profile tool from another company, which shows the profile as raw data. It is probably a great volume profile tool, but it is not easy to look at all day long.

TC_BarProfiler is free to download and use. It is available for NinjaTrader 7 and NinjaTrader 8. TradingCoders wishes you all the best with your trading endeavours.


Hold down the Alt key and use the Up and Down arrows to make the profile display fatter or thinner.

Hold down the Control key and use the Up and Down arrows to make the chart display more or fewer bars.

Volume profile tools look best with fewer bars on a chart, so feel free to spread out.

The Value Area is displayed as a yellow vertical stripe in the center of each bar. You can modify this color and all other colors in TC_BarProfiler's parameters.

Connect to a data source when using TC_BarProfiler.

Download free for NinjaTrader7, NinjaTrader8

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