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Side-Bias Indicators

Intelligent, extraordinary moving averages and trailing stop indicator for NinjaTrader and MT4.

Three indicators for $99 USD. Available for NinjaTrader 7 and 8, and MultiCharts.NET 11 and higher, and MetaTrader 4.

Download free trial for NinjaTrader7, NinjaTrader8MultiCharts.NET. (contact us for MT4 version)

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ninjatrader support resistance lines

TradingCoders has developed an original approach to moving averages - they have to "pick a side" and stick to it as long as they can. They are either in an up-mode or a down-mode, and only change direction if certain criteria are met. The resulting calculation is quite amazing, producing moving averages that track price very accurately yet smoothly, and providing stunning support and resistance levels. 

TC_MaximalMA is a smooth, longer term average line that does a great job of finding the larger trend. Below you can see just how often price turns exactly at the average line. TC_MaximalMA's default setting is shown in these screenshots, however it is highly configurable to your trading style.

Yellow circles on this CL chart show where MaximalMA has proved accurate support and resistance.

support resistance turning points trading chart

15 Minute AUDUSD chart shows how often MaximalMA knows where the hidden forces in a trading chart are.

trading chart showing hidden support resistance

TC_ReactiveMA is a faster acting moving average line that loves to stick to price like glue, yet without flipping from side to side too often. Fully adjustable to suit your trading style, it can provide short-term knowledge of where price is going to find support or resistance. This can be highly useful for taking a trade within a trend, or seeing a trend reversal event.

The short-term equilibrium price is revealed both in chop and in strong trends.

This daily Oil chart shows that using both TC_MaximalMA and TC_ReactiveMA together can provide a multitude of powerful signals. Blue boxes show short-term signals, while yellow circles are longer-term signals with this uptrend.

But that's not all! A 3rd indicator in the SideBias pack, TC_TrendFriend is a trailing-stop or supertrend type of indicator that is smarter than the others - being able to track a trend while avoiding too many whipsaws. It is highly adjustable to match your trading style.

Blue dots show an uptrend, while magenta dots show a downtrend. This CL chart shows a multi-day downtrend captured beautifully for a near perfect exit.

trading chart atr trailing stop supertrend

This 30 minute chart shows a full week of uptrend, with nearly another of downtrend, all captured perfectly by TC_TrendFriend.

Three indicators for $99 USD. Available for NinjaTrader 7 and 8.

Download free trial for NinaTrader7, NinjaTrader8, MultiCharts.NET. (MT4 has full paid version only)

Click here to purchase.

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