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Interactive trendline alerts tool for NinjaTrader 7 (NOW FREE! - was $65 USD) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD for NinjaTrader7

trend line break alerts tool



  • REAL-TIME CONTROLS - no stopping and starting


OVERVIEW : TC_Diagonal is an interactive tool for creating alerts in NinjaTrader. TC_Diagonal allows the user to draw lines on the chart, then automatically generate alerts when price touches them. Lines can be drawn and redrawn, nudged up and down, all interactively and without stopping then restarting the indicator. Alerts are audio-visual and via email, including an optional screen capture of the chart in the email. Working with TC_Diagonal is easy. Just load it into a chart. To draw a line, hold down the Alt key and click and drag with your right-mouse-button. This special combination is the access to TC_Diagonal, so that TC_Diagonal draws its own line, rather than a standard built-in NinjaTrader line. You can draw two lines, one sloping up, in blue, and one sloping down, in red. If you draw a third line, it will replace one of the existing lines. Both lines are active and waiting to trigger an alert when price touches them, at any point in the future. NEW FEATURE - You can even draw exact horizontal lines, which display especially as a dashed line. Alerts might be generated within only a few moments, if you draw the line close to price on an intra-day chart. Or, place a TC_Diagonal line on a daily stock chart and get an email alert weeks or months later! Its up to you. REALTIME CONTROLS : A special feature of TC_Diagonal is interactive realtime controls, added to the menu bar at the top of the chart. These allow you to nudge your lines up and down, and also change some key options that affect the way price interacts with the lines to generate alerts. With normal indicators, you would have to open the Indicators dialogue box to make adjustments, which stops and restarts your indicator. TC_Diagonal's realtime controls allow you to stay in the chart and make changes on the fly.

indicator options in NinjaTrader

The menu allows realtime access to some key options that affect how your alerts are generated by TC_Diagonal. These options are : On Bar Close or Intra-Bar. Alerts can be generated by the closing prices of bars, which is useful if you require a bar to close at or beyond a trend line. Or, alerts can be generated on any tick of a bar, which is useful if you want to know if price has reached a trend line. All Intersects or Intersects Original Side An 'intersect' is when price intersects – or touches – a TC_Diagonal line. We might want an alert every time price does that, no matter what side price is coming from at the time. However, we may want to only be alerted if price has come to intersect the line from a certain side. For instance, an up sloping line may hold key support for a market, and we are interested if price comes down to touch the line. We might want to re-enter with the trend, or enter a break-out in the opposite direction. However, if price breaks through then returns back up through this line, we don't need to know. In that case we can choose 'Intersects Original Side', which will only generate alerts from the side of the line that price was originally on when we drew the line. In this mode, handy arrows are visible that show you which side of the line price must approach from in order for an alert to happen. They are drawn at, and stay at, the bar when you originally drew this TC_Diagonal line.

offset trendlines for alerts

Magnetic Prices With Magnetic Prices enabled, TC_Diagonal's line will be attracted to bar High and Low prices. This helps you draw an accurate-to-the-tick trend-line across price action. To control how near your line must be to a bar before the magnetism kicks in, adjust Magnetic Proximity in the parameters dialogue window, which is measured in Ticks (pips). The magnetism applies to the bar your cursor is currently nearest. Nudge Arrows You can 'nudge' TC_Diagonal's lines up and down, one tick at a time. This is useful if you want to know that price has not just reached a line, but for example exceeded or closed beyond it by a certain amount. A faint ghost line will be left behind at the place you originally drew the line, to remind you where that was. You can nudge the blue and red lines by different amounts. Note that nudging will remove any prior alert graphics, as they no longer match the line's new levels.

NinjaTrader indicator parameters

INDICATOR PARAMETERS : When you first load TC_Diagonal into a chart, or open the Indicators dialogue window in NinjaTrader, you have access to some extra parameters. Alert Sound This is a number, from 0 up. TC_Diagonal is bundled with a new set of alert sounds. You can now access those sounds with numbers 1 through 14. If you select 0 or a higher number, or have not installed these extra sounds, Diagonal will revert to using one of the standard NinjaTrader built-in alert sounds instead. All Intersects, IntraBar and Magnetic Prices help you set the default way the indicator will begin.

  • All Intersects sets the state between All Intersects (when set to True) or Intersects Original Side (when False).

  • IntraBar sets the state between IntraBar alerts (when set to True) or On Bar Close (when False).

  • Magnetic Prices turns the magnetism of the line to bar High and Low prices on (True) or off (False).

  • Magnetic Proximity. This parameter adjusts how near your line must be (at the cursor) to a bar to be attracted to it. (in Ticks/pips)

Email options: You can choose not to receive emails about your alerts. This is the default. You can also select to receive simple text emails using NinjaTrader's built-in email capability. There is also a special feature of TC_Diagonal which allows you to send an email with a screen capture of your chart included. To use this feature, you must enter some additional information about smtp settings. You can find this information in your email application, such as Outlook or Thunderbird etc. The same information that you entered into the email program to tell it how it can send email is what need to put into TC_Diagonal. Usually, this will only require two items, the SMTP host and the SMTP Port. Since the port is almost always 25, you can often just put in the smtp host of your internet service provider, and it will work straight away. You can find the smtp information required by looking at the options or account settings area in your email application. If you don't quite know where to look, search Google to help you find the information you need. If you have to use a username and password to send email, which might happen if you are using an email service like or gmail etc, put your username and password information in as well. USER TIPS : Values of the diagonal lines are rounded to the nearest tick, which means that if you zoom in very closely sometimes it looks like price didn't reach the line. However, if an alert went off, price will have been closer than half a tick's distance from the line. You can always nudge the line up and down to obtain the behaviour you wish. Alerts will not continually trigger if price hugs the line. However, once price has moved away and at least one bar has been clear of the line, alerts are re-enabled.

TO INSTALL : 1. Make sure NinjaTrader is closed! If it is running, exit NinjaTrader. 2. Run the supplied installer. It will install into your NinjaTrader folder in your Documents folder: (i). TCDiagonal indicator .dll (ii). Folder of additional alert sounds (iii). User manual.

You will find Diagonal in the Indicators list named as "TC_Diagonal". Add it to a chart to begin using it.

TO UN-INSTALL : In NinjaTrader, use "Remove NinjaScript Assembly" menu item in the Control Centre, under File/Utilities. Select 'TCDiagonal_NT7' to uninstall.

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