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Trading chart candlesticks


Specializing in NinjaTrader,

MetaTrader, MultiCharts.NET

and InteractiveBrokers API.


We are supporting to help families around the world get access to safe water and sanitation.

Your coding jobs support a donation every month to help change lives with safe water.

  • Premium "best in class" software development

  • Strong support and reliable service you can depend on

  • Experienced insights and tips with each individual coding job on how to best trade it

NinjaTrader trading platform
MetaTrader trading platform
MultiCharts.NET trading platform


Custom programming of Indicators and Automated Trading Strategies to your specifications, with our notes of insights and recommendations for trading them.



Conversion between NinjaTrader 7 and 8, MetaTrader, MultiCharts.NET and sometimes others such as eSignal, ThinkOrSwim etc.



Delicious graphics and features for commercial products. Licensing and code protection for MetaTrader. API programming for InteractiveBrokers.



Brainstorm with a coder about your custom trading methods and tools.



Free Indicators to download and use free, forever. Trading articles by the TradingCoders team.



A selection of awesome Indicators and add-ons.



The TradingCoders ADVANTAGE

We take pride in our corporate values of Quality, Experience, Diligence.


Specialists since 2009, we have deep knowledge of trading and trading platforms. We can do tasks from simple alerts or visual displays right through to sophisticated multi-timeframe techniques for structural and cycle analysis of indicators and price movement.


Our team is comprised of people who are both coders and traders. We combine programming skills with our knowledge of the markets to seek edge wherever it may be found. 

We work hard because we love what we do.

We will always deal with you with complete integrity, doing our very best to help you grow your trading.

Testimonials are genuine customer feedback, sent to us voluntarily in appreciation.

Testimonials appearing on may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

Trading candlesticks chart up down statistics

PROGRAMMING SERVICE for indicators, strategies and EAs to your specifications.

Have our expert programmers do the hard coding work for you. Concentrate on your trading, not on learning programming languages and frameworks.

With each job we provide programmer's notes of insights and recommendations. For example, if you've ordered an indicator you'll get tips on how it might be used for trading setups and its advantages and disadvantages. For strategies you'll get comments on the strengths and weaknesses with some suggestions on additional features for how the strategy might be improved.

Here are just a few ideas of what you might do:

  • Adjust or enhance an existing indicator you already have.

  • Start from scratch to build an indicator or trading robot of any level of sophistication.

  • Add alerts, visual chart markers or any other nuances you have ideas for.

  • Create automated signals for trading entries.

  • Create a version of an indicator that is adaptive to market conditions.

  • Evolve an indicator or market analysis method into your own unique style.

  • Have your current trading methods automated for backtesting and/or live computerised trading.

  • Combine various indicators into an elegant single trading tool.

  • Create reports, statistics, summaries etc from data mined from the market.

And more!



Convert trading software platform

Move your NinjaTrader indicators or strategies to MetaTrader.

Move your MultiCharts formulas to NinjaTrader.

Convert from NinjaTrader 7 to version 8.

And so on. 

We can convert from eSignal, TradingView (Pine Script) and EasyLanguage too.


Consulting trading software programming
  • If you already have a trading strategy programmed, but would like to try improving it.

  • If you have a manual trading strategy that you would like to try improving by having it programmed.

  • If you have ideas about how to analyse price movement or indicators, and would like a coder to help produce a programming specification.

  • And anything else a coder might help with!

In a brainstorm session or a backtest, we can't guarantee any specific outcome. We can try to improve your idea, suggest new filters or analysis techniques to work in tandem with what you have already, and offer ways that programming your idea might offer other opportunities you haven't thought of.
We will try to increase the profitability, lower the risk, and so on. Yet ultimately, an idea you bring to us may not be capable of producing consistent profits, thus we cannot guarantee you will be a billionaire by next week.

We will not offer general or specific investment/trading advice. The focus of the conversation in a brainstorm session will be the mathematics of price analysis and the programming capabilities of the trading platform of your choice.

We will book an appointment with you for a Skype call or a landline telephone call. Brainstorming sessions are booked in half-hour increments.

InteractiveBrokers API



We can provide high level services for improving or adding to your proprietary software products. TradingCoders is skilled at complex algorithmic analysis of price data and indicators, to assist you to achieve your programming wish-list.

Eye candy is always nice to help your product stand out from the crowd; we offer custom graphics programming.


custom graphics trading software

TradingCoders has built its own system for obfuscating, copy protecting and licensing for MetaTrader indicators and EAs. MT4 is notorious for being difficult to protect a commercial indicator or EA, and we provide a hand-crafted service that removes key elements from your code and moves it into encrypted and compiled DLLs. Within these DLLs also lies our licensing code, which we can configure to your requirements.  


Tell us what you need!

Give as much detail as you can. We usually respond within 24 hours, with either a quote or some additional questions.

Our no-obligation quotes are free.

We provide a fixed quote if the job is expected to be under 20 hours. Larger jobs are subject to some "wiggle space", +/- 20% of our original estimate, dependent on the individual case process.

Payment for small to medium jobs is required in advance. Larger jobs can be 50% in advance, 50% upon completion (prior to delivery).
We stand by our work with a 12 month free bug-fix policy.

We will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
We can provide a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement on request, or you can submit an NDA of your own.

Well documented, well-structured code.
We don't do mess! Comments throughout the code aid understanding and future expansion options.

We respect your privacy and do not share your personal data and Intellectual Property. See our privacy policy.

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